“Staying Home,” in Cirque, summer 2015, page 51.

Notes on Mud and Latin,” in the Denali Climate Anthology, National Park Service, summer 2015.

“Gender in Cold Worlds,” a response to Ursula LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, on The Fiction Advocate, May 2015.

The Postcard Days,” on Vela Magazine, September 2014.

Love, Loss, and Water: A Meditation on a Metaphor,” in ISLE Journal’s winter 2014 special issue on climate change. (print only w/o ASLE membership)

Moths Drink the Tears,” a response to Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby on tropmag.com, September 2013.

Interview with me and Michael Dinkel on “A Shortened History of Alaska,” by Charlotte Austin on The Better Bombshell. Read more about Michael’s project here, and my response here.

“End Words,” Cirque Journal, page 7, summer 2012.

“The Great Silent Places,” Camas Magazine, summer 2012. (print only)

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